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Results and Recaps Spring 2009

Game 1 - Feb 15th, Strikers par for the course in season starts, falling to Trinity United 3-0

  • Well guys, in the last three seasons, I guess slow starts are just something we've come to expect. 1-3 in the first season and 0-1-1 last season before turning things around. Last night we definitely had some good moments on the field, but all in all looked a little slower and a little less in tune with each other than the competition. These both will sort themselves out moving forward. The first two goals against us were both petty I think. The first goal occurred mid way through the first half. The ball floated a little more on the corner kick than expected and we were unable to clear it. We continued battling on into the second half and actually came out very strong the first 10 minutes of the half, but were unable to maintain the intensity. The second goal was a toe poke from 18 yards out and the keeper was screened when the shot happened. I think we realized a few things that we need to get better at. Defense - you guys have got to get the team moved up the field. Offensive support was completely lacking as our forwards saw numerous 2 v 4 and 2 v 5 situations. Our midfield was constantly too deep in our own in of the field during our counter attacks and did not get up quick enough to support the offense. Defense, we have enough speed and skill to play an offside trap, so I say lets do it (if Jeff approves of course :) ). When we gain possesion the outside defenders and sweeper need to get us pushed up the field. Center mids - maintain position in the middle. Too often we were on the back line with our sweeper. We've got to hold the middle. Outside mid's - you have to run up and back the wings....a lot. We have plenty of subs, so don't hold back. The skill is there - we just need to sort a few things out and we will. Lick your wounds and get ready for next week.

Feb 16th by Chuck

Game 2 - Feb 22nd, Strikers slow season start woes continue, get blown out 6-2 versus Allegiance FC

  • Not much I care to write about in this game. We were lacking a lot of intensity and confidence as a team. Highlights of the game, Jeff V. sent a nice ball down to Justin who sent it over to Webb, and Webb finished. Also Kevin and Justin had a nice play right off the kick off to score in about 10 seconds after Allegiance scored. Justin told Kevin to dribble it after the kick off and let him run down the field. Justin blazed through the middle and kevin sent the ball deep. Justin took one touch to control and shot it past the keeper. They were stoked - like we had just tied up the championship game. Outside of that we stunk it up...

Mar 2nd by Chuck

Game 3 - Mar 1st, Strikers show some fire, dominate play beating Metro Alliance 4-1

  • Sunday saw the start of not only a new month, but apparently a new and refocused Strikers team. We came out strong. Our defense and keeper were warmed up, confident, and ready to stop the bleeding. Several key adjustments by our captain Jeff V. really worked out in our favor and all in all we dominated. Early play saw the strikers get numerous opportunities early and often throughout the first half. A nice chip by Dutch over the keeper bounced on the cross bar and back out - seriously Dutch should be our leading scorer right now. Alonzo blasted a nice header towards the net off of a corner kick in from Todd, but it got caught up in the traffic and deflected out. Runs down the line by our outside mids and forwards created several other good opportunites and several more corner kicks, but no goals. Alliance managed to get one fantastic shot from about 25 yards out that Pete made an incredible effort to get to, but was just unable to knock it out. The ball hit the bottom of the crossbar and bounced in. Strikers come in at the half down 1-0. Talk at the half was that the team felt like we were dominating play, just not finishing. We needed to continue pressure, create turnovers, and send through balls on the ground. Second half saw the Strikers come out strong and never look back. Our defense and keeper were awesome. Our sweeper, Ryan S, and Pete were very vocal and gave up only a few chances that were easily managed by the Pete. Several key deflections also kept the pressure out of the box. The second half saw numerous opportunites (a couple of really close headers just missed or deflected by Dutch off of freekicks, etc) and tons of pressure by the strikers from every position. First goal came early in the half. Matt made a nice play on the wing and sent a pass to Jack in the middle. Jack made a move around one forward and sent a twisted sliding knuckle ball at the box. It had to be - its the only way I can explain the keeper trying to catch it but letting it go through his hands into the box. Strikers tie it up 1-1. Next goal came on a great corner from Matt right to Hunter's foot who finished just a few minutes later, Strikers up 2-1. The third goal came on some nice work and passing between players on the left wing. Alonzo came away with the ball and sent a great cross in that Jack headed on. The keeper deflected it wide, but as always Webb was where he should be and cleaned up the mess, strikers up 3-1 (Jack and Zo get assist credit on this one!). The final goal was nothing more than icing on the cake and an attempt to help out our plus/minus totals as Jeff (Mr. Free Kick Himself) Van Houten sent a nice free kick into the box and Hunter immediately put it away with a perfect header, notching his second goal of the game. Final score 4-1.

Mar 2nd by Chuck

Game 4 - Mar 8th, Strikers tie 0-0 in a defensive battle against Tenacious

  • Well fellas, heat and humidity both reared their ugly heads this Sunday, and it wasn't pretty by the end. This game was marked by a solid defensive effort all around by Strikers, topped off by a fantastic game in the box from Pete. Early play saw the Strikers maintain much of the possesion of the game and generate several key scoring plays. The offense worked in several very nice scoring opportunities early, including, a 25 yard shot off the post from Ream, some nice crosses and shots from O'Malley, a shot just over the cross bar from Webb, and a through ball to Justin that his hamstring just wouldn't let him get to. The bounces just didn't go our way. The few first half opportunites by Tenacious were thwarted by our defense and those that got through were handled nicely by Pete. Strikers enter the halftime 0-0, but feeling good about play, noting that the midfield needed to provided a little more support to the forwards and to get some additional through balls in play. Second half saw both teams on the field waiting for at least 5 minutes befor the refs decided to join us(it was the longest halftime and shortest second half I've seen in a while). Second half saw a dog fight in the middle of the field with only few offensive oppotunities generated by both teams. Webb got a nice through ball sent to him that took a bad bounce as he was running it on and was knocked out of bounds. Justin tried the hammy again - but to no avail. The heat definitely began wearing on the guys and Tencious tried to capitalize. The last ten minutes saw Strikers scrambling defensively, and ultimately bailed out by our keeper at the end. The Tenacious midfielder made a nice run with the ball down the wing and ripped a shot upper nineties on the near post side, but Pete was there and deflected it over the top. Just a couple of minutes later some confusion in front of the box let a Tenacious forward have a wide open shot at the box, but a great sliding kick save from Pete sent the danger wide of the net. Strikers escaped the last ten minutes of the game and notch a point in the standing with a tie. We've definitely turned the corner from a defensive and keeping standpoint (1 goal in the last 2 games versus 9 in the first two). The summer heat is starting to sneak in, so get to running durning the week to be ready for it...

Mar 10th by Chuck

Game 5 - Mar 15th, Rainout versus Siagon Port

  • I'd like to say that they got lucky, but that will be decided at the end of the season

April 6th by Chuck

Game 6 - Mar 22nd, Strikers loose heartbreaker in waning minutes TO VP Warriors. 1-0

  • Not much that I really care to write about on this one. Strikers seemingly controlled the play most of the game, giving up only 2 scoring chances. Opportunities by Ream (one off the post), webb, and O'Malley just couldn't find the mark. Strikers push forward hard in the last few minutes and give up one break down the middle that is finished for a goal. Final score VP Warriors 1, Strikers 0.

April 6th by Chuck

Game 7 - Mar 29th, Strikers control play for 70 minutes, but loose in 20, 3-1

  • Well another one that I just don't know what to say. Strikers come out feeling like they were due after the last two and scored 5 minutes into this one. A great ball sent down by Schnurr is flipped on by Todd and finished by O'Malley. Then, Strikers shut down for 20 minutes and give up three goals in that span. After that FC United dropped about 9 players back and played defense for the rest of the game...ugly.

April 6th by Chuck

Game 8 - April 5th, Strikers dominate early and often, win 3-1 versus Metro Alliance

  • By far the best offensive "opportunity" game of the season, fellas. Strikers had countless break away opportunities, good shots, and great ball movement in the offensive end. Solid defensive play and stellar keeper play sealed it up. Strikers saw 3 breakaways early by Justin, but the keeper made some great saves to deny him the back of the net. Finally a nice ball was sent down the left wing, Justin followed it on and sent a perfect low cross into the center that was volleyed into the net by O'Malley. Strikers up 1-0. Shortly after that Jeff V. steps into the path of a pass and intercepts, creating a quick counter. One pass later sees O'Malley dribble around the keeper and net another, Strikers up 2 nil at the half. The second half saw increased pressure from the opposition, but two fantastic saves by Strikers keeper hold the 2 point advantage. Then Webb gets a nice pass into Justin who finishes this time, Strikers up 3 nil. Strikers get several more fantastic opportunities on breakaways. Then Matt makes a nice run by all the forward and across field. Several nice passes are strung together by Webb and Chuck and then sent wide to Matt. Matt hits a perfect cross that is headed just wide of the post by O'Malley. A little let down in the final few minutes sees Metro net a 1 on 1 with the keeper, but it was too little too late. Final score Strikers 3, Metro Alliance 1.

April 6th by Chuck

Game 9 - April 19th, Rainout versus Allegiance

  • Rainout

April 27th by Chuck

Game 10 - April 26th, Strikers getting back to winning ways, beat Tenacious 3-0

  • Well gents, in a game that was a must win situation for us, I'd say we came out ready to go and we definitely did what needed to be done. The three week layoff showed as we started out slowly both first and second half and conditioning seemed a bit of an issue, but all in all, we looked pretty good. The talk at the beginning of the game was about playing hard, but staying on our feet and NO CARDS. We managed that pretty well. Defensively, we played our best overall game of the year, allowing only 2 real shots on target - and our keeper was up to the task on both. Jeff V., Kevin, Ryan S., Hunter, Ryan W. and Sayles - great game. The rotation worked well and you guys really shut them down. Mids and offense held their own as well. Strikers maintained good offensive pressure most of the game. 1st goal came off a free kick...Jeff V. perfectly angled it off one of their defenseman's head so that it went straight to O'Malley. O'Malley took the ball off the bounce and knocked a great topsin shot into the net. Strikers up 1-0. Outside mids play good defensively and had some nice work down the lines. Center mids worked up a solid rotation that focused on better positioning and it paid off late in the first half. A nice pass from the left side came to Jack at the top of the 18. Jack made a good move around the stopper and then hit a nice lead pass to webb. Webb sent a 1 touch cross over the defense to the back post side that was headed in, just 1 foot inside the post, by O'Malley. Strikers up 2-0. Some other good offense opportunities in the first half came up just short. Chuck made a good run on a blown defensive play for a 1 on 1 with the keeper, but rushed his shot and sent it wide (yes I was left footed and I had all day - just leave me alone already). Kevin made a great run down the middle, called for O'Malley to hold. O'Malley pulled the defender to him and sent a perfect touch lead through the defense. Kevin ran it on and sent it just wide. Score could have easily been 4-0. Ream was positioned well to handle the one shot allowed in the first half. A line drive low shot that came in from outside and Ream knocked it down in front of him and jumped on, containing any sort of rebound opportunity. Strikers enter the half up 2 nil. The second half saw a slower start as well, but Strikers got on track and maintained solid defensive effort. The lone goal came off of a good flick header by Pete wide to O'Malley. O'Malley sent it a good cross in that was not controlled by the keeper and came trickling through. Kevin ran it on and finished it for his first goal of the season. Way to go Schneider! Tenacious had one other good offensive shot that was about 3 feet up just inside the post. Ream made a nice diving effort and knocked the ball out of play...though it looked like he thought about catching it mid air and then appeared to more or less throw the ball out of play while in the middle of his dive. It was...different :) Great game guys - we'll see if we secured a spot after the scores for the FC game are posted, but I like our chances...

April 27th by Chuck

Game 11: Division Semi's - May 10th, Strikers make long awaited return to a division championship game, beat Trinity 1-0 in semi's

  • Well guys, how we made it this far is a question I'll be pondering for a while. Bottom line though, we're here. In our third season back from our 2 and 1/2 year break, we've made it one step farther. Season 1 we finished .500, Season 2 we were one game above .500 (3rd) and lost in the semi's, Season 3 we were one game below .500, finished 3rd, and made it to the championship game. Yes, you read that right, we were sub .500 regular season and we're in the finals. Go figure - it's like the Eastern Conference in the NBA. It looks like we're hitting our stride at the right time though, winning our third straight. It wasn't our best game, we were missing 5 key players, it was nasty muggy outside (I started sweating while I was tying my shoes), but we got the win. To be fair, Trinity only had 10 players, but we're old so we took the man advantage in stride. Sometimes I think it's almost easier to defend when you are short handed. Trinity dropped all but one player back for 75 minutes of the game completely congesting the middle of the field around their goal. They left one forward up and supported with their center mids on the few occassions that the ball came out of their end of the field. We dominated the wings all day (good job outside defense and midfield) and sent a bigilion crosses into the middle, but were just unable to capatilize. A header in the first half by webb and another volley in the second went just wide. Justin, hurt leg and all, took several shots that just seemed to miss the mark. We had a bunch of shots that just couldn't get through all the bodies plugging up the middle and got deflected out for corners (expect for one that ended up being goal kick when Dutch ripped it off of Jack). Our central defense was stellar all game, giving up next to nothing until the very end. We had a ton of corner kicks, but Trinity's defensive bottleneck mentality continued to pay off until late in the game, when a corner kick sailed right down the line toward the far post upper corner. The keeper was on his heels out of position and managed to get a finger on the ball that looked to be going in anyway, but was aided in by the Trinity defender who collided with the keeper and bodied the ball the rest of the way in. Trinity threw everyone forward except the sweeper in the last 10 minutes and nearly netted one. A good cross came in the Trinity forward headed it on towards the back post, but Ream made an incredible diving save and knocked the ball just wide, ensuring the win. On a muggy day, with a scrappy looking bunch of guys out there, we managed to take a ton of shots, get a cheap goal, a great save and walk away with the win...I'll take it. We should have almost everyone back this week, and we've won three in a row, so lets go for it. T-shirts will either say Runner Up, or Champions...

May 11th by Chuck